Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home

Free Home for Incurable Cancer


Requirements for Admission to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home

Palliative Care is a concept of care which employs medical and nursing care as well as specific ancillary services, when indicated, whose primary objective is the comfort and overall well-being of the incurable/terminal individual. No treatment is employed which would overburden the individual, yet full support is offered for basic physical needs as well as spiritual, psychological, and emotional needs. Individuals, while experiencing similar diagnoses, may have different needs or symptoms associated with their disease and secondary diagnoses; hence personalized medical or nursing plans of care based on individual needs and symptoms are developed.

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"One soul is as fair and precious as another; there is no exception."

Mother Mary Alphonsa

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home is a free home for those who are financially UNABLE to afford nursing care elsewhere. This means:

  • the patient has no insurance coverage
  • if the patient has insurance coverage, such coverage is not adequate to cover the cost of a stay in a nursing facility
  • the patient does not have other assets that would cover the cost of nursing care

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home accepts no payment of any kind, including Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or private pay. Financial need is a requirement for admission.

Documented proof of a diagnosis of incurable cancer is required. This may be a Pathology Report, a CAT Scan, a Biopsy Report, or other requested information.

Patients and families must be informed that the care provided by Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home is palliative, not curative. All treatments must be completed before the patient is accepted. Medications and all ancillary orders will be prescribed by our physicians.

Do Not Resuscitate - As only persons with incurable cancer are admitted to Our Lady of Perpetual Help Home and as the Home provides only palliative care, all patients must submit a valid “Do Not Resuscitate” (DNR) Order prior to admission.

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